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Lori Krix : Reward centre


You can order it also at Líra. https://www.lira.hu/hu/konyv/szepirodalom/sci-fi-fantasy-krimi/jutalomkozpont


An attorney, a judge, this time battling outside the court room. Enters Fox… Not a real fox, but Volpe, an attorney by that name, living in Sienna, Italy.

This is a story about a ruthless game with money and desires, complicated by misunderstandings. About passion and various temptations that tie our heroes together. About the daily struggles with our own temptations and our dependency on others, playing out on the cobbled streets of Buda and in the sensual hills of Tuscany.

The real battlefield however awaits our heroes in the transborder Reward Centre, where we are all controlled by the same invisible hands…

Reward Centre

by Lori Krix, 2019 – novel by Anita Kricsfalvi published in Hungarian-

copyrights: Anita Kricsfalvi

English translation and publication rights still open, Italian translation done, publication in Italian is still open for partnership.